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Private Villa with Spa​ and Pool

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Client: Private
Type: Residential Renovation 
Size: 300sqm and Pool
Status: Detailed Design
Visualisations: Behbahani Hall

“A comprehensive renovation of a large family villa, involving the transformation a existing basement into a new social space with spa, cinema area and glazed connection to the garden and new swimming pool"

Full project description and drawings:


The project involves the comprehensive renovation and modernisation of a large family villa located in an affluent area on the outskirts of the city.


A limited budget combined with the necessity for extensive remedial works meant that our design proposals needed to be considered carefully, implementing changes only where absolutely necessary, or in areas of specific importance to the clients.


Our proposals include for some reconfiguration of the existing layouts to create a new master bedroom suite, a first floor studio space with glass floor in place of an existing void, as well a the transformation of the basement to provide a new socializing area including a spa, relaxation/cinema zone, billiards area, and a small secondary kitchen/bar. Outside proposals were made for a new swimming pool and poolside terraces that are recessed into the ground to open up the basement to the garden, allowing the passage of light and air into the previously deprived space.


Energy saving measures such as solar panels, new thermal insulation, double glazing, and an energy efficient wood burning fire are all being proposed to make the house more sustainable and help bring its energy performance in line with current standards.

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