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Mixed-use Development, E17, London

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Anthony Hall with Forge Architects


Client: Inner Circle Ltd

Type: New Build Residential Development
Size: 60 Apartments & 910sqm Commercial Space

Value: £7 million
Status: Design / Planning Approval

Drawings: Forge Architects

“A large mixed-use residential / commercial development of a problematic mews site to provide sixty apartments, 6000sqft of retail space and 3800sqft of office space"

Full project description and drawings:


The project is a mixed-use residential / commercial development that maximises the potential of an underused and problematic mews site in a prominent position in Central Walthamstow, north-east London.


Planning approval was obtained for a high-density scheme of 60 residential apartments, 6000sqft of retail space and 3800sqft of office space, contained within a narrow three and four storey residential mews building and culminating with a nine storey mixed-use tower on the main street front.


The mews building provides entrances and small gardens facing onto a previously dark and narrow pedestrian route, which creates an open green ribbon of space. The façade contains large windows, balconies and terraces at roof level, to create an active inhabited frontage that enhances the attractiveness and vitality of the area, while providing a safe connection between the main road, transport links and the commercial high street to the north.


Site elevations:

Front public elevation

Rear mews elevation

Detailed section and elevations:

Mixed-used tower 

Section towards tower

Mews building front elevation

Mews building rear elevation

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